For warm season golf courses and sports fields where the goal is beautiful turf with excellent playability year-round, a major challenge is dormant grass in winter. Lack of color, diminished density, soggy surfaces, and increased signs of wear and tear are all possible problems when warm season grasses are not in the active growth phase. Overseeding is the solution.


Winter overseeding addresses all of these problems and more. The practice of planting a cool season species directly into the warm season stand during the colder months creates a more functional turf in the winter. And when the temperatures rise, the stand transitions back to the warm season turf.

  • Great winter color
  • Density
  • Wear tolerance
  • Playability
  • Protection of the surface

The most commonly used species for overseeding is perennial ryegrass. Offering quick germination, ryegrass gets to work immediately. With a finer leaf blade, it meets the expectations of golf courses and sports field applications. Sensitive to warmer temperatures, ryegrass serves its temporary purpose in the winter and goes away when the mercury rises.

Atlas Turf Arabia products have the following characteristics to meet the demands of overseeding applications:

  • Salt tolerance
  • Heat tolerance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Quick establishment
  • Traffic tolerance
  • Rapid recovery
  • Disease resistance
  • Easy transition back to the original turf