Landscaping in Saudi Arabia requires turfgrass with unique capabilities to meet the specific demands of the region. In addition, aesthetics play an essential role. Not just any turfgrass can deliver beauty, performance and sustainability.

Platinum TE® Paspalum, the first and only certified turfgrass in Saudi Arabia, achieves more for landscaping than any other grass in the Kingdom. An environmentally sustainable, salt-tolerant turfgrass with superior appearance, durability and maintenance benefits, Platinum TE® Paspalum offers the turfgrass solution for a number of applications.

Atlas Turf Arabia can provide turfgrasses for residential and commercial projects, including large parks and gardens in private or public property.

Atlas Turf Arabia products have the following characteristics to meet the demands of landscaping applications:

  • Density
  • Durability/wear tolerance
  • Rapid recovery
  • Heat tolerance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Disease resistance
  • Salt tolerance and tolerance of TSE irrigation

Atlas Turf Arabia is your source for the most sought-after, genetically pure, licensed and certified landscaping turfgrass. For every outdoor space, Atlas Turf Arabia is Saudi Arabia’s first choice for the finest turfgrass in the region.

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