Atlas Turf Arabia Earns ITGAP Certification for 2023

Atlas Turf Arabia (ATA), the leading turfgrass provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, proudly announces its successful completion of the annual inspection and attainment of the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) Certification for the year 2023. This achievement reinforces ATA’s commitment to delivering high-quality turfgrass to projects in KSA and highlights its dedication to excellence in turfgrass production.

ITGAP is a renowned quality assurance program that meticulously monitors turfgrass production sites worldwide to ensure adherence to stringent growing protocols. Currently, there are only 53 certified turfgrass farms worldwide, and ATA stands as the sole ITGAP-certified turf farm in the entire Gulf Region, solidifying its position as a trusted and reliable supplier of premium turfgrass varieties.

ATA’s second consecutive year of ITGAP Certification reflects its ongoing dedication to maintaining exceptional standards in turfgrass production. With expanded operations in 2023, ATA now boasts a remarkable 23 hectares of licensed and certified Platinum TE Paspalum™ under production. Notably, all 23 hectares of turfgrass earned ITGAP certification, underscoring ATA’s commitment to ensuring the utmost quality in its product offerings.

The ITGAP inspection, performed by an independent third party, extensively evaluates the turfgrass to verify its authenticity and adherence to variety-specific attributes. Factors such as colour, leaf shape, normal growth habit, and more are closely scrutinised to ensure the turfgrass meets the desired specifications. ATA’s successful inspection is a testament to its meticulous cultivation practices and dedication to producing consistent and superior turfgrass varieties.

In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, ATA has implemented several infrastructure improvements aimed at conserving resources. To reduce water consumption, ATA recently installed an advanced irrigation pump, enabling efficient water usage in its production processes. Furthermore, in a bid to conserve energy, ATA replaced diesel generators that powered irrigation pivots with electrical alternatives. These upgrades align with ATA’s environmental objectives and showcase its dedication to responsible farming practices.

The ITGAP inspector commended ATA for the farm’s strong regrowth exhibited in the harvested areas. This observation underscores ATA’s expertise in nurturing healthy turfgrass that thrives even after the harvesting process, ensuring a continuous supply of top-quality turfgrass for various projects across KSA.

As the exclusive source for Platinum TE Paspalum™ in the Kingdom, ATA is dedicated to meeting the growing demand for superior turfgrass in the region. Building on its success, ATA plans to further expand its production capabilities to cater to the evolving needs of projects in KSA, reinforcing its position as the leading provider of premium turfgrass solutions.