What Does Turfgrass Salinity Tolerance Really Mean?

Atlas Turf Arabia demonstrates its commitment to supporting sustainable development through our offering of turfgrasses that use fewer resources and thrive in the natural habit. Since salinity is possibly the most significant stress factor for turfgrass, salt tolerant products are crucial for projects in the Kingdom. Whether the salinity comes from the irrigation source, sodic soils, or ocean sprays and storm surges in coastal regions, the level of salt tolerance in the turfgrass determines its survival.


Turfgrass salinity tolerance is a complex subject involving the salt tolerance mechanisms of the plant and more. Plant scientist Dr. Ron Duncan explores the topic in detail and outlines salinity’s impact on turfgrass. In addition, he reviews the most salt tolerant turfgrass species. Read more in Dr. Duncan’s article “What Does Turfgrass Salinity Tolerance Really Mean?”