Driving the Green - Atlas Turf Arabia

“The future of golf is innately linked to the future of the planet. It’s the biggest collective challenge we have and needs the best team response #DrivingTheGreen” – GEO Foundation for Sustainable Golf

Recent years have presented additional global pressure on delivering significant changes to the way we all live, both in personal circumstances and at work. Soaring heat, rises in energy cost and pressures on water supply continue to be at the attention of all stakeholders within golf and across the world.

Atlas Turf Arabia, in partnership with Golf Saudi, is the Kingdom’s first and only internationally certified turf farm. Operating out of Dirab, on the outskirts of Riyadh.

The Turf Farm will allow each individual golf development to eliminate the requirement to establish project based turf nurseries thereby reducing use of natural resources, fertilizers and chemicals.

The creation of the turf farm follows key principals for sustainable practice. From site selection to operation every step is being developed through the lens of sustainable practice and aligned with the National Sustainability Strategy at Golf Saudi.

Growing Platinum TE Paspalum provides the Kingdom and the Middle-East with the most sustainable turfgrasses available.

Characteristics of the turfgrass, include:

• Density
• Durability/wear tolerance
• Rapid recovery
• Heat tolerance
• Drought tolerance
• Striping capabilities
• Fast greens surfaces
• Disease resistance
• Salt tolerance and tolerance of TSE irrigation
• Fine leaf texture
• Adaptable to a range of mowing heights