Green means go in the Kingdom

Atlas Turf Arabia (ATA) has become the first certified facility of its kind in the Gulf Region to receive International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) certification for its production of Platinum TE® Paspalum .

ITGAP certification confirms that Atlas Turf Arabia is producing Platinum TE® Paspalum (an environmentally sustainable, salt-tolerant turfgrass with superior appearance, playability and maintenance benefits) to a rigorous set of global guidelines, which protects against contamination during production. The turfgrass will be a valuable part of the supply chain required to meet the development goals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, as well as for projects across the wider Gulf region.

Now why is this so important? 

Not only can ATA provide unrivalled turfgrass for golf courses already built and in development, but due to its wide range of mowing heights, it’s ideal for all qualities of sporting grounds, landscaping and even residential properties. The durability of Platinum TE® Paspalum makes it suitable for even the most demanding sports applications and has recently been chosen as the exclusive turfgrass of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

In a Kingdom that does not historically grow grass, this is a breakthrough period which can play a pivotal role in the development of golf courses, enabling more individuals to start playing golf across KSA, including areas which are currently limited in accessibility.

In addition to Platinum TE, Atlas Turf Arabia plans to expand its production to include Bermudagrass, Ultra Dwarf Bermudagrass and Zoysia, as it cements its credentials as the Kingdom’s go-to turfgrass supplier for golf courses, sports pitches and landscaping projects.

Atlas Turf Arabia was established as a joint venture between Atlas Turf International and Golf Saudi as part of a collective drive towards Vision 2030 and is already a vital link in the supply chain framework within Saudi Arabia.